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Canine Parasites: How Fleas Make Our Dogs Miserable


Every pet owner understands the risks and potential torment a flea infestation can pose to both them and their furry friend. Fleas aren’t pushovers. Far from it. These jumping bloodsuckers are masters of survival, and if handled poorly: will drive both you and your four-legged friend nuts. As pet parents, we understand that fleas are a threat to all in the household, but exactly makes the flea so adept at wreaking havoc on you and your pup’s quality of life? 


In this blog, we will explore a variety of characteristics that fleas harbor that make them such covert experts in the art of survival and parasitization.


Below you will find three flea facts that will better prepare for future infestations:

  • Outdoors Durability: Fleas are almost invincible when it comes to the outdoors. Their thin, flat bodies allow them to fit through even the smallest cracks and fissures. The flea body consists of three heavily armored body segments that greatly bolster their resilience to the elements and retaliation from their hosts. 


They also have the ability to leap over 13 inches in a single jump! This allows them to hang around your yard and opportunistically launch themselves onto your unexpecting pup. 


  • Rapid Reproduction:  The reason a flea infestation must be taken care of immediately is due to the rapid escalation in the flea population. For example, the average female flea is capable of producing over 1500 eggs throughout its lifespan (which is about 2-3months).  


  • Life-cycle: Fleas evolved to go through a four-step cycle: the egg phase, larva phase, pupa phase, and adult phase. Fleas are known for their resilience, and that ability to survive doesn't only lends itself to the adults. Flea eggs are known to easily proliferate into every crevice of your home and yard, and either hatch rapidly in the span of a few days or lie in extended dormancy until the environment favors their hatching. 


That’s why It’s key to act fast and realize that a flea infestation will involve an entire house cleansing to get totally get rid of the presence of these parasites, otherwise, you’ll find yourself routinely dealing with one generation of fleas after the next. 


  • Thrive in the Dark: Fleas love dark and moist areas, so it will be during the spring and summer months when you will most likely see an invasion occur in your home. Be mindful of dark shaded areas around your property, it’s likely fleas will congregate in these locations.


In addition, the household is the perfect place for a flea infestation to take place. Outfitted with plenty of dark and damp places to thrive, If left uncontrolled, your flea problem can carry right into fall and can easily become an unending problem. 


Fleas in their sheer adaptability have proven themselves to be a formidable foe if left untreated. As a pet parent, it’s essential to prepare and expect fleas to be problems that need to be dealt with immediately. Facts like these are worth knowing, as they will help you fight back against the threat of fleas in your household.


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