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Dog Joint Pain: 5 Telltale Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore


Joint pain sucks for any animal; it affects their quality of life and makes it hard for them to move around. In dogs, it's exceedingly terrible because of how much they love to run around and play! Before you can help your dog if you think they have mobility issues, you need to determine whether or not it’s joint pain that’s troubling them!



When your dog has joint pain, it will almost certainly have difficulty walking. Limping and stiff movements are telltale signs that your dog is in pain as a cause of something. When you notice your dog limping around the house, you should never ignore it. Either they suffered a painful injury recently or are currently experiencing joint pain.

Poor Balance

It may be cute and entertaining to watch your dog slip, but if it happens too frequently, it could be a sign of a severe problem! Joint pain is typically accompanied by swollen joints, which make it difficult for your dog to walk with stability and balance. These swollen joints cause them to slip and fall more frequently than before. 


Low Energy

Low energy is another telltale sign of joint pain in dogs. Suppose your usually hyper and energetic dog is not moving around much lately. In that case, you should start being concerned about what's going on with them. Joint pain in dogs can be so severe that it makes them not want to move at all. Walking and running around are too painful for them, so they lie down and rest instead. Low energy is often a sign of more severe problems in dogs, which is why you should definitely look into this further.



Conversely, some dogs get irritable when experiencing pain, especially with joint pain affecting their daily life. Just imagine how grumpy you would be if it hurt to move around! Be wary if your dog starts snarling, showing its teeth, or biting when you approach them or touch a tender joint. 


Licking and Scratching

Lastly, when your dog's joints are in pain, they tend to start licking, scratching, and even biting at the painful area. It's their way of trying to relieve the pain they're feeling. While you shouldn't allow them to gnaw at the affected location too much, this reaction can be used to your advantage as it lets you know where the pain is coming from!



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