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How to Manage Your Dog's Urine Marking Behavior


Dogs are territorial animals. They're not just marking their territory; they're also making it clear that you are part of their pack.

It's a natural instinct for dogs to mark their territory, but it can be a problem when they mark inside your house. Urine marking is one of the most common reasons why people give up their dogs. It's also one of the most misunderstood reasons why people give up their dogs.

In this article, we'll talk about simple ways to manage your dog's urine marking behavior.


Simple Ways to Manage Your Dog’s Urine Marking Behavior

Dogs who mark their territory are doing so out of instinct. They are trying to establish their place in the pack, and they use urine as a way to communicate with other dogs. However, this behavior can become problematic if it’s not managed appropriately.

Here are some simple ways to manage your dog’s marking behavior:


Clean up after them immediately

It’s important that you clean up after your dog as soon as they do their business. If the smell is allowed to linger, it will only encourage them to mark again.


Use an enzymatic cleaner

Enzymatic cleaners break down the proteins in urine and neutralize the smell without leaving behind any detergent residue that could encourage your pup to mark again. They also work well on other pet stains like vomit and feces, so if you have multiple pets in the house then this might be something worth considering investing in for general use around the home!


Keep your dog active

Offer your dog plenty of opportunities to go outside when they need to go potty. Don’t restrict their freedom just because they might do something wrong inside! When you take them out for walks, make sure you stop frequently so they can sniff around and make sure that there are no hidden spots where they might want to mark their territory (like behind bushes or cars).


Change your dog's diet

Changing your dog's diet may be one of the most effective ways to manage urine marking behavior, especially if it is caused by a nutritional deficiency. Consider switching to a natural diet that does not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives (such as dry kibble) and includes fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats as well as whole grains like brown rice or barley grasses.


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