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Senior Dog Care in Hempstead


Our pets, no matter how young or old, are our beloved companions. Sadly, just like their human counterparts, our pets feel the painful and draining effects of aging. Indeed, as the aging process advances, our pets are increasingly vulnerable to infectious disease and other painful maladies of the body.


As a loving and responsible pet parent, it’s up to you to meet your senior pet’s needs. While it may be heartbreaking to see your companion suffer from the effects of worsening arthritis or other age-related pains, it stands true that your pet is no less deserving of love, affection, and indeed, support. 


There are many factors to consider when supporting an aging pet. It’s a sad truth that the bodies of our companions are on an accelerated development, and thus, the effects of aging are more pronounced and prone to be more unexpectedly problematic. Be mindful of your companion's state of health at all times. Regular routine examinations are a must to catch any developing ailments that may jeopardize your senior pet’s life.


We understand the difficulty of seeing a beloved pet grow old. Know that you are not alone, and during these golden years, Animal Medical Hospital is here to help ensure your senior pet maintains only the highest quality of life and comfort.

We’ll Treat Your Senior Dog With Loving Care at Animal Medical Hospital 

Here at Animal Medical Hospital, our skilled and loving staff will look after your senior dog’s every want and need. Our talented and compassionate staff will administer only the most comprehensive care for your senior companion; it’s our mission to help your companion enjoy their golden years with support and loving care. To learn more about our senior pet care services, please visit or contact us today.


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